Lay Minister Training Videos

"So you want to be a Licensed Lay Minister!" 

                          Video                                     Supplemental Resources

1.                     Introduction

2.                    Anglican Ethos                        Anglican Communion Website

3                     Discernment                            Discernment as a Process 

                                                                         Discernment When There is No Life Changing Decision to Make 

                                                                         Christian Ideals                                                                        
Listening, Seeing, Speaking through the ears, eyes and lips of our Heart 


4                    Biblical Foundations

5a                 Doctrine

5b.                 Doctrine Supplemental Video

6.                   Church History

7.                   BCP/BAS

8.                   Prayers of the People

9.                   Basic Preaching  and Sermon Preparation

10.                 Spiritual Discipline.               Rule of Life

11.                 Decorum

12.                 Liturgy

13.                 Alternative Worship

Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Licensed Lay Ministers YouTube Channel

An Introductory Course for Licensed Lay Ministers