Lay Minister Training Videos

"So you want to be a Licensed Lay Minister!" 

An Introductory Course for Licensed Lay Ministers

                          Video                                     Supplemental Resources

1.                     Introduction

2.                    Anglican Ethos                        Anglican Communion Website

3                     Discernment                            Discernment as a Process 

                                                                         Discernment When There is No Life Changing Decision to Make 

                                                                         Christian Ideals                                                                        
Listening, Seeing, Speaking through the ears, eyes and lips of our Heart 


4                    Biblical Foundations

5a                 Doctrine

5b.                 Doctrine Supplemental Video

6.                   Church History

7.                   BCP/BAS

8.                   Prayers of the People

9.                   Basic Preaching  and Sermon Preparation

10.                 Spiritual Discipline.               Rule of Life

11.                 Decorum

12.                 Liturgy

13.                 Alternative Worship