5b Doctrine- Supplemental Video

Presenter: The Reverend David Puxley

Précis for ‘Doctrine Supplement’ by the Reverend David Puxley

Doctrine comes from a word about teaching.  Asks, what do we say?

Anglicans are united through worship.  We lack a formal body of teachings, strict rules, or dogmas.  We first and most often meet doctrine (what we say) in our worship.  The creeds (from the Latin ‘credo’, I believe) are part of our worship.  

We have a question of trust within our faith.  We can ask: what then is wise?  What then is conducive to our growth?  Our growth in faith?  Our growth in compassion?  Our growth in hope?

Tradition is a big part of what we do.  Our traditions go well beyond liturgy.  Much of what we believe we demonstrate.  

Faith and reason are not antagonistic.  Faith and reason complete each other.  Faith and reason need to ask each other questions.  Reason is best understood as faithful reflection.

The liturgy of the Eucharist is central to who we are and provides the basic teaching of the Church.  It is the model and the action of giving and receiving.  It is a gift of God and a gift from God to each of us that can be lived out in and through us.