13. Alternative Worship

Presenter:The Rev’d Canon Lisa Vaughn


Since WW2 Worship patterns have changed. What worked back then is no longer working. Families have many options for Sundays besides worship in a church setting. Neighbourhoods are changing, some of our rural areas are transforming into tourist areas, people are less inclined to drop in to a local church while visiting. There is a change in culture, society is relying more on technological connections than personal connections.

In terms of understanding, people know less about Christianity and the church than previous generations. People want to “feel something” as they enter into some kind of worshipping community. People consider themselves less religious and more spiritual. There is a general dislike and distrust of institutions such as churches.

Family dynamics have evolved and altered how, and when, we worship.

Because of the above, we need to reconsider how we think about church. We need to move from a Maintenance form of Ministry to a Mission oriented Ministry.

Rev Lisa shares resources and suggestions to help us learn about our new role as church and how to move to our new role. She outlines ten differences between a maintenance oriented congregation and a mission oriented congregation.