11 Decorum

Presenter: The Rev. Mel Malton


Rev. Malton discusses what it means to be a Lay Minister in terms of the way one presents oneself to the congregation. She introduces her video with a Lay Ministers’ prayer from the Diocese of Ontario:

Almighty God,

Thank you for the honour and joy

Of being called to your service as a

Lay Reader in your church.

Renew me with your spirit that in

Worship and service I may be

Faithful to your call.

Rev Malton discusses what she calls “parish preference,’ or the different duties and roles expected in various parishes. Every parish has slightly different ways of doing things. New Licensed Lay Ministers are encouraged to speak with senior Licensed Lay Ministers in their parish to learn what is expected.

She outlines some of the duties that Licensed Lay Ministers may have, depending on the parish in which they serve:

Reading lessons at church services

Leading non-sacramental church services

Assisting ordained clergy during the eucharist

Bearing the chalice

Preaching at services

Offering ministry to the sick

Children’s education

Organizing and maintaining prayer groups

Providing ministry not only in their parish but throughout the diocese

Rev Malton offers some hints about reading the lessons.

Prayers of the people are discussed.

Rev Malton demonstrates the wearing of the alb and the correct placement and tieing of the knot. She uses humour to demonstrate the correct way to go up and down stairs. She demonstrates the best way to hold the chalice and purificator. She demonstrates the best way to sit and explains why to try to avoid jewelry.